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  • Acknowledgement: By typing my full name below as my electronic signature, I acknowledge that the information I have provided in this application and all supporting documents is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that giving false or misleading information may result in revocation of any offer of admission or other disciplinary action by BSL or the ASB, I give explicit permission to BSL, and its agents, to conduct criminal background checks or other inquiries to confirm the information provided by me to the question on the “Character, Fitness, & Code of Conduct Review” tab to verify the information contained in my Personal Statement, resume, or letters of recommendation. I agree to cooperate with BSL in performing any such inquiries or requests for additional or supplemental information and I will immediately notify BSL, in writing, of any change to the information contained in this application or supporting documents. I agree to continue to supplement the information contained in the application or supporting documents from the times I submitted my application through to graduation regardless of whether the event occurred before admission was approved or after class attendance begins.